About OpenPRO Property Manager

Executive Summary

Boma Yangu RMS is an advanced web-based property management software solution built on a world- class, multi-tiered architecture. Boma Yangu allows you to efficiently leverage your productivity without compromising the quality of your service. Built on a robust, lightweight, and scalable web architecture, Boma Yangu RMS is the property management solution tool of choice for your company.

Growing Your Business

By providing all of the tools you need such as property management, unit management, tenant billing, rent payment and reporting, Boma Yangu RMS enables you to get more organized and be more productive. You get the sophistication that the back-office personnel need and the simplicity your property managers need to be more productive. Once you try Boma Yangu RMS, you will wonder how you ever managed without it.

Target and Benefits

Boma Yangu RMS is designed for either a landlord, or property manager or management company who requires advanced management and accounting functions. The powerful rental management software will keep tract of multiple buildings, and multiple users interfacing on a network. It can also be used by the manager or landlord who does not require many of the more sophisticated features of the system. Simple and affordable, this package is also perfect for the manager who is computerizing their office for the first time.

Property Managers / Landlords / Tenants

Boma Yangu RMS makes it easy for landlords, property managers, and real estate owners to manage properties, bill tenant and collect rent from their tenants.


Boma Yangu RMS frees you from the often-confusing business of managing rental property. We have experience with all aspects of rental management, including accounting, general management, leasing and maintenance.

House Finder

Our website features vacant houses that are automatically projected to the fronted that helps prospective tenants find ideal commercial and residential rental properties around a given area based on different features they want in a property.

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To join OpenPRO Property Manager send us an email to info@openpathsolutions.co.ke or call us on Alex 0715 862 938 or Joel 0722 401 489